Saturday, September 10, 2011

All you can eat @Toisan, China [2]

Some of my relatives have told me that Chinese people eat anything & everything! I have to agree on that because during the trip, I have tried many different things like: animal intestines, frogs but the worse was an INSECT.. and well.... lets just say it didn't taste so good :( Sorry, if that made you guys lose your appetite but I thought I'd share this interesting experience with you guys haha. 

Here's some photos of the food I tried in Toisan. 

Milk tea with pearls! They sell it for $4 yuan in China but in Canada it's approx $5 CAD :(
Soya bean milk that's freshly made!

Most people in China, wake up at 5AM to get ready for dimsum. I think that's just a biiiiit early for breakfast; it's so different from Canada!

Eel soup :)

Are you guys hungry yet? :)


  1. Everything looks absolutely delicious! This has only made me want to go to China even more.

  2. Great pictures!! I don't know whether I would be able to eat the eel soup myself though!

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  4. looks delicious!
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